2022 Grant Cycle
We will be announcing the recipients of our 2022 Grant Cycle in early to mid June. Stay tuned.  

To Apply in 2023 
If you are considering applying, take a look at our grant guidelines to see if your project is one our foundation might support...  If so, we'd welcome your submission. Carefully follow our application instructions and use this application cover sheet.* 

•we are using the 2020 form for 2022 as well.

For More Info
call: 406-461-8708
Application Instructions 

This year, we're moving toward a more "electronic process," meaning you can submit your applications by either mail or email. The information we're requiring, however, remains the same. Your proposal should include the following. 

1. The application cover sheet 

2. A two-page, double-spaced (or, approximately 500-600 word) narrative that includes 

• a project description

• goals and outcomes

• a short description of how you plan to use JMF grant dollars in your project

3. A preliminary budget (no more than one page is necessary)

4. If you are a 501(c)3 organization, include a scan or copy of your IRS verification letter as well. 

In addition … 

Please don't send any attachments. If you are submitting your proposal by email, you can include links in your narrative. 



Submitting your proposal

By Mail

  • Mail your application packets to Jerry Metcalf Foundation | PO Box 823 | Helena MT 59624 
  • Please note: we no longer require extra copies of your proposal. We just need an original. 
  • Your proposal must be postmarked on the day of our deadline.

By Email

  • Email your proposal to info@jerrymetcalfmontana.org with a subject line that makes clear you have attached your proposal. 
  • We prefer a.pdf documents, but we'll also accept documents in Word or Pages. 
  • Your email must be sent by 11:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline. 
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