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Jerry Metcalf

Jerald Love Metcalf  (1936-1995) was born in Billings, Montana, on June 8th and spent most of his early years in his home state.


After a tour in the U.S. Navy, college at the University of Montana, graduate school at Northwestern University in Chicago, and nine years working in advertising in New York, Jerry returned to Montana. Here he became well known as a four-term Democrat in Montana’s House of Representatives and as a collector and authority on Montana art and antiques. He also served as  a volunteer and board member for many community-building organizations such as the Montana Arts Council, the Lewis and Clark Historical Society, and Big Brothers and Sisters of Helena.


Jerry deeply appreciated Montana's history, culture, arts, and environment.


He treasured Montana's cities and towns, mountains and valleys, rivers and streams.


He enjoyed the ordinary things: work and laughter, creativity and compassion.


The Jerry Metcalf Foundation was created to honor Jerry and celebrate his life and his abiding love of Montana.